Did Iittala make glass for Nordisk Solar?

Kristiina, a reader from Finland, recently brought our attention to an item for sale on Finnish auction website Huuto – a lamp that, using our ID Your Vintage Danish Lights site, she had identified as a Nordisk Solar Compagni P278g glass pendant light. Interestingly, however, the glass was embellished with an Iittala Oy glassworks sticker (pictured bottom).

There are three possible explanations for this surprising detail. One is that someone added the sticker at a later date and it actually has nothing to do with the light. The second is that Iittala licensed the design from Nordisk Solar Compagni and produced the light in Finland. And the third is that Nordisk Solar contracted out the production of glass for its lamps to Iittala rather than Holmegaard (the home-grown choice of Fog & Mørup) or Orrefors (Lyfa’s preferred glass producer).

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3 Responses to “Did Iittala make glass for Nordisk Solar?”

  • William:

    In my opinion the light was either produced by iittala under license from nordisk solar or the glass components were outsourced to iittala. My reason for saying this is the quality of glass is consistent with iittala’s products using similar colours and types of glass. Also I have seen similar lights marked with the logo in the past.either way it’s a great piece and interesting part of Scandinavian design history.

  • Kristiina:

    I think this may explain part of the mystery – and make it more complicated:
    Prescolite Holiday pendant lights

    • Vintage Danish Lights:

      Prescolite was the brand name under which Nordisk Solar Compagni marketed their lights in the US. It wasn’t unusual for Danish producers to use a different name for the US market – for example, Ege Rya sold their rugs under the brand name Folklore Carpets in the US, and Fog & Mørup used the brand name Danlite.

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