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Changes ahead in the market for Jo Hammerborg lights

One of the features that has driven the increasing popularity of 60s and 70s Fog & Mørup lighting as a target for collectors – along with the consistently high quality and design excellence of the individual lights themselves and the cohesiveness of the F&M brand as a whole during this period – has been the fact that (with the exception of the Semi) [read more...]

Your favourite Louis Weisdorf light design

It's been some time since our last blog post, but we haven't been idle in the meantime, and our main project has been to give our sister site Classic Modern a complete redesign and makeover. We've also been making progress on [read more...]

In memory of Claus Bolby (1944-2011)

Today we heard the sad news that veteran Danish lighting designer and producer Claus Bolby, founder of Cebo Industri and creator of the popular acrylic light series Symfoni and Veega (pictured below), died last night after a long illness [read more...]

Finn Juhl and the drivers of vintage value

The perceived value (and so the price) of a vintage Danish light is usually fairly closely related to its historical retail price. Broadly speaking, the more expensive the light originally was, [read more...]

The PH lighting manifesto part 2

Following on from last week's post, which you can read here, we continue our translation of Bo Bedre's November 1966 feature offering Poul Henningsen's thoughts on lighting the home [read more...]

Poul Henningsen’s lighting manifesto

In November 1966 Danish homestyle magazine Bo Bedre published a feature by Kirsten Bundgaard in which Poul Henningsen offered his thoughts on lighting in the home. We have translated these pearls of wisdom [read more...]

The forgotten art of Oluf Gravesen

Danish advertising for items of domestic design in the 1960s and 1970s often followed a very specific format. The featured product would be photographed in a room setting together with items by other manufacturers that were generally considered to be amongst the most prestigious and desirable designs of the time. These secondary items [read more...]

The uniquely Danish concept of hygge

From time to time we hear someone in Denmark describing a vintage light – usually one that gives out a warm glow, such as Claus Bolby's Veega (pictured below) – as "hygge", and [read more...]

Tips for buying vintage Danish lights

Every area of vintage/antique design collecting has pitfalls and dangers, and vintage Danish lighting is no exception. Here's our five-point guide to making sure that your investment is sound and that you're not throwing [read more...]

A dangerous time for lights

The most perilous time in a vintage lamp's lifecycle starts when it leaves its original home – where the worst it's likely to have suffered is a layer of dust, a few spots of ceiling paint and a coating of [read more...]

Is this why Danes love lights?

With a population of less than 5.5 million, Denmark surely produced more lights per head in the 50s, 60s and 70s than anywhere else in the world. Many were made for export, but vast numbers were [read more...]

Welcome to vintage danish lights

Welcome to our brand new blog about and directory of vintage Danish lighting! We were inspired to create them by the many mistakes in attribution we see around the internet, and we hope [read more...]
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